That Bondage Girl – Brainwashing A Breeder feat. Dixie Comet & Dee Williams

Dee’s new to the neighborhood and Dixie has invited her over for what Dee thinks is a friendly welcoming neighborly chat over tea. Dixie seems a little off though by the way she’s talking trash on men and female supremacy. Dixie hands Dee a pamphlet-she flips through it and realizes Dixie is running a damn lesbian men hating cult out of her house and she’s trying to enlist her. Dee is not into it and kindly tries to excuse herself by saying she forgot she had something to do. As Dee gets up to leave, Dixie grabs her from behind and places her hand over her mouth. Dee falls back down onto the couch and Dixie plays with her limp body, promising that the ladies in the group are going to love Dee.
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