Jules Jordan – Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires – Ashley Fires Are You Sure You Want To Put Dredd’s BBC In Your ASS?
Release Date: April 26, 2018

MILF Superslut Ashley Fires takes the biggest cock she’s ever seen in her ass!! Ashley’s dressed in sexy black pants with lace cutouts and a matching black top, she’s ready for some serious business and by that she means ANAL. We follow her around the house as Jules admires her amazing body, until she comes across Dredd awaiting for her on Continue reading

Family Therapy – Ashley Fires


Ashley Fires – A Son’s Progress pt.1 Mommy’s Little Helper
Released: January 06, 2016

Baby, don’t just stare at me, come help me stretch. I don’t care if you think yoga is stupid… You better watch your tone mister, I’m still your Mother… All you ever want to do is have sex and Mommy’s pussy is sore right now. Stop whining, I don’t want to have sex, I want you to work out with me… Son, stop pulling down Mommy’s pants… Okay fine, but just for a minute and then we’re going to finish working out…. pt.1 of 3 ***Starring Ashley Fires***

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