K Klixen Productions – Cipriana, Madlin Moon


Cipriana, Madlin Moon – K two teasing tongues 23
Released: July 15, 2016

do you love, if a girl gives you a blowjobs?… can you imagine, that this girl loves giving blowjobs more than you love recieving it?… and do you mind if there is a second girl at the same time?… even if she has the same attitude of the first girl?… cant you see that they want your dick?… so be a gentleman, put off your trousers and give Madlin and Cipriana your meat for their pleasure… (no cumshot in part A) …if Ciriana and Madlin get into gear, nothing can stop them any more… with their soft and wet tongues they lick on your shaft like on an ice-cream cone… or swirl around on your cockhead in a way that it is difficult for you to realize, which of your hot spots they touch at the same moment… but there circulate rumors that men are multifunctional, right?… hehe…

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