Analized – Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston – School Girl Anal Fuck Slave
Release Date: December 20, 2017

Chanel Preston has some twisted fantasies. was happy to make them come true. She requested to act out a role play scenario that makes her pussy drip when she masturbates. Chanel wanted to be a school girl who was kept as a sex toy for a sadistic owner. She sits patiently, waiting for her body to be taken advantage of and used at any moment…
Chanel has one job, and that is to please her master’s cock. She is made to be at service 24/7. Chanel doesn’t ever get a free moment. She is first made to suck cock until she her throat is sore and her face is sloppy. She then is interrupted while on the toilet. At her most vulnerable, Chanel Preston is bent over so her asshole can be filled with a big hard cock. Her pussy is never used for further degradation. Chanel Preston showed up requesting for her fantasy of feeling like a whore to be fulfilled. She left covered in cum and anal fucked, exactly the way she wanted.


Size: 2076 MB Duration: 28 min Video: 1920×1080, 10.0 Mbps, 30.00 fps Audio: 288 Kbps, 44 KHz


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